Number 1 in Russia

Not much time has passed since the first TMF stove was tested. Since then we have changed a lot: new advanced technologies for product development have been introduced, ultramodern equipment has been put in operation, the product range has been expanded, and most importantly – our stoves have become prettier and more efficient.

In one word, we simply didn’t rely on luck as we tried our best to make all possible and impossible in order to create the best stoves. And those who believed in success received a well-deserved recognition. As a result of nationwide voting, in 2014 TMF became a winner of “People’s Brand” National Award in nomination “Heating appliances for home”.

Some marketing and management experts believe that deep vision and strong willpower are the real reasons of leadership on the market. These experts reckon that market leaders have a revolutionary and inspiring vision of the mass market as well as they reveal incredible willpower to implement this vision. However we think this is not enough because the willpower means nothing without enthusiastic customers.

We are very happy and pleased that every day there are more and more dedicated fans of TMF products. Recognition of TMF as number 1 brand is our common achievement. Without our beloved customers there would be no TMF stoves simply because there would be no one to produce them for.

Thank you very much for your love, patience, understanding and participation. We will do our best to make TMF stoves warm up better and serve you longer.

We are the frost-resistant company in Russia

The best engineering solutions are only used

We could have produced satellites

We warm inhabitants of 250 cities of Russia and other countries

TMF is Number 1 in Russia

Some of our stoves generate electricity

Our stoves are the up-to-date and advanced in Russia

Fire safety is the mission statement of our stoves