Heat Comes from Siberia

«Is it right that you focus attention on the Siberian origin of TMF stoves? Many think that Siberia is snow, felt boots and bears on the streets," ask me our marketing consultants.

And I answer this question with confidence, "Yes, it is right." Let shoemakers say their shoes are Italian, and watchmakers say their watches are Swiss. I simply know that in Russia, where TMF stoves are made, and outside Russia people say with respect, "Yes, in Siberia they have a knack for making stoves." You should understand and love your work. And love the region, in which you were born and grew up. Natural resourcefulness and engineering experience of Siberians in such matters as to warm up or to build a first-class steam bath house can be acknowledged as international professional standards. That's why I think that the phrase of "Siberian stoves" is the best recommendation for our customers.

Konstantin Bessonov,


We are not Resting on Our Laurels

Technical progress inevitably impacts the most conservative areas of human activity. Falling in line with it, we thoroughly reviewed the stereotyped approaches in the seemingly hopeless matter of perfecting the most ancient heating device.

This is the use of the as-yet exotic heat-proof chromous steels that are applied in the aviation engine building; a system of double burning ensuring an "explosive" heating of the steam room; constant self-cleaning of the stoves from soot and many other new things that now seem to be habitual and ordinary.

But we are not resting on our laurels. Since all antiperspirants in the world would dry out ere those living in Russia would stop wanting to create such perfect sweating systems that are beyond any Taylor's dreams.

The success wave of TMF steam bath stoves came from Moscow to remote areas and expectedly got over the state and language barriers with neighboring countries. This quick winning of love makes us go more deeply into the subject and try to satisfy the liking of all connoisseurs of the Russian steam bath, wherever they live.

Our stoves are the up-to-date and advanced in Russia

The best engineering solutions are only used

TMF is Number 1 in Russia

We are the frost-resistant company in Russia

We warm inhabitants of 250 cities of Russia and other countries

Fire safety is the mission statement of our stoves

Some of our stoves generate electricity

We could have produced satellites