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Barabek Light

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TMF’s Barabek Light Grill is a device for barbecue that is designed for outdoors or specially designed rooms use. This is the first TMF’s grill our company offers as a product for vacation in countryside. The product name was taken from the famous poem written by the Russian poet Korney Chukovsky. The poem's main character named Barabek is a surreal omnivorous glutton.

The grill allows you to cook traditional shashlik, grilled steaks and sausages, grilled vegetables, fry eggs or cook fish soup, lamian in a large pot, bake fish or poultry in foil.

It is a classical Finnish grill of about 2 meters high on a massive support. As fuel firewood and charcoal can be used. The device is based on a deep funnel-shape cup looking like a crater for making a fire and for hot coal pieces. There is a pyramid furnace, through which the ash remains fall down into the drawer for ashes. Use it to control fire intensity. Under the cup there is a compartment with two racks to keep firewood, coal and kitchen utensils.

Around the cup there are three convenient rounded wooden tables to put food, dishes and cooking utensils. The tables are coated with protective substance for long-lasting surface appearance. They are fixed in such a way that you can approach the grill from different sides. Over the cup a conic haze hood on vertical tube-shaped supports is positioned; it has a flue outlet covered with an umbrella. It is designed for collection and exhaust of smoke through the hole in its upper part, as well as for protection from precipitation. Thanks to its leaf-type design the grill looks nice and matches perfectly with your land plot.

To cook on fire and coal on Barabek it includes the following accessories:

• A large round rotating oven fork with the diameter of 38 cm

• A round grill grate made of cooking stainless steel with the diameter of 41 cm

• An overhead barbecue for shashlik cooking for 8 skewers

The supports over the roasting cup have holes with stopper pins, by means of which you can adjust the oven fork height when using various devices to cook food on fire and coal. The oven fork can be fixed on any support of the flue outlet and demounted by means of thread joints.

The round stainless steel grill grate is reliably fixed in the oven fork ring. In addition to the grill grate you can place various metal dishes of different diameters on the rotating fork, like: frying pans, pots, cast iron grills, smoking pans, woks, large pots, double-sided wire grill grates.

An overhead barbecue for cooking traditional shashlik on skewers is located on the flat bottom of the cup and fixed in the middle by means of the integrated supports. In the front part of the barbecue there is a screen for protection of your hands from thermal emission. The cup for coal, the round rotating fork, the barbecue, and all other principal elements are made of construction steel. They are firmer and harder, which prevents them from thermal deformations.

You can use the grill indoors. It should be installed according to the manual, installing a flue and a smoke exhaust conforming to the fire safety rules.

The production line includes one model, Barabek Light, in black bronze colour. We are planning to expand the range and launch the basic fully functional modification equipped with an oven for a large pot.

«Barabek Light» modifications
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