Fuel type Wood
Volume of the firebox 29 l
Mass 42-47 kg
Maximum log length 400 mm
Chimney diameter 115 mm
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Curcuma stove for a large cooking pot is a specialized wood-burning stove of TMF made for cooking in a large cooking pot. Distinctive features of the stove are ergonomic height of cooking surface, cooking surface for flat-bottom kitchenware and flue.

The stove is designed for outdoor use.

The name of the stove derives from the name of a popular Oriental spice (turmeric).

The body of the stove and its cooking surface are made of structural steel. Thickness of furnace walls is 3 mm, and cooking surface is 4 mm.

The stove has a round hole with a diameter of 38 cm which is ideal for a large cooking pot with a volume of 12 litres.

Large cooking pot hole is covered with a steel cooking surface with separable cast-iron disk 12 cm in diameter. Cooking surface has radial sections relieving thermal stress. They prevent deformation from fire.

The main purpose of Curcuma is cooking oriental dishes outdoor in a large cooking pot. Cooking surface allows you to boil water in a big tea-kettle and cook shurpa, lamian, fish soup and other summer country cuisines in a cooking pot or a frying pan.

Ergonomic height of the stove makes it handy since you don’t have to lean to it.

Curcuma has a flue for smoke escape. That is why hot smoke will not keep you away from your large cooking pot and you will breathe fresh air. Unlike many similar flued stoves, Curcuma stove has a deflector in the flue mouth which prevents burning a large cooking pot in the spot where hot smoke and flame enter the flue.

The stove has a furnace grate and an ash drawer. It is convenient for ash removal and combustion intensity control.

Most of cuisines cooked in a large cooking pot, pilaf, in particular, are usually cooked with the door open all the time. That is why sealing of the stove door is not provided.

It is better to use finely chopped wood as a fuel.

Curcuma stands on a cylinder-shaped support and firm rectangular base.

In case of long-term outdoor storage of the stove, protect it from moisture as its material is apt to corrosion. At the moment, product line consists of two modifications: Curcuma and Curcuma Light in black bronze colour. The stoves have identical specifications and operating principle. Only delivery package varies. Delivery package of Light modification does not include flue and a large cooking surface with cast-iron disks.

«Curcuma» modifications
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