Volume of the heated room (max) 297 m3
Power 12 kW
Mass 72 kg
Maximum log length 500 mm
Dimensions (L×W×H) 640х455х730 mm
Chimney diameter 120 mm
Minimum chimney height 6 m
Water circuit contour 26 l
Total power of the TEH block не более 6 kW
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Tashkent 2017, 12

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Heating boilers "Tashkent 2017" are an updated and improved version of the boilers "Tashkent". They are designed for heating of single-family houses and buildings for household purposes, equipped with either open or closed water heating systems using the natural or forced circulation, as well as for hot-water supply at an operating pressure of the heat transfer agent not higher than 0.2 MPa (2 kgf/cm²). "Tashkent 2017" can be used for heating even of multistory buildings with a complicated configuration for installation of additional pumps.
There are several key difference of "Tashkent 2017" from the previous model and comparable boilers made by other manufacturers. It is worth noting, above all, that the new designed boiler has an increased energy efficiency (heat transmission efficiency from the burning fuel to the  heating agent in its water circuit). This allows the boiler to warm up rooms with larger volumes, whereas it is saving its compact dimensions of the previous model. The energy efficiency improving has been achieved through an increase in the area participating in the heat transfer agent heating process thanks to the optimization of the boiler configuration and fire box size. The optimization of the fire box configuration has been reached due to mounting of a special plated labyrinth in the construction of the boiler water jacket, this allows at the same time to  improve its toughness, and to arrange a longer heat transfer agent movement in the boiler, which maximizes the efficiency of boiler's warming up.

It should also be noted that the device has now a new large inclined fire-door, it is very easy for you to charge the hard coal directly from the bucket. The hard coal cannot be spilled near the boiler, and it doesn't stick to the tunnel walls, because the boiler has no horizontal surfaces. The fire box door includes a deflector which protects it inside from thermal overload.
Moreover, we have increased the possible firewood length. Now, you can place in the large boiler fire box the firewood up to 500 mm long. In the boiler fire box, the burned coal will not accumulate, because they fall down to the fire bars due to gravity. It is easy and comfortabl to clean the inclined and even hearth surface of the fire box.

Every boiler passes hydro-testing to check the durability and leaktightness, and it provides a leakage protection. The multisided unit casing includes a large number of stiffeners, and this prevents a boiler herniation during its operation. Now, the bimetallic thermometer is mounted on the rear wall, at a considerable distance from the fire-door, and this makes impossible its accidental interference if you are going to open it. The Air supply automatic control is included in a separate assembly, and is also mounted on the rear wall. The placement of the Automatic Traction Regulator (ATR), as well as of the bimetallic thermometer in the immediate vicinity of the heat transfer agent nozzle to the heating system allows to get its more precise temperature readings. 

The box cover (register) allowing to achieve a smooth traction adjustment, is now placed on the boiler rear wall. Such a design allows to clean the ash box more comfortable.

The color of the water heating boilers is defined as 'yellow'.

The heating boilers "Tashkent 2017" are not intended for use without ART, that is why if you buy the model "Tashkent 2017" without ART, you should purchase it and install additionally.

It is possible to install in the boilers "Tashkent 2017" a tubular heating element Block (THE) to keep the heat transfer agent temperature at the appropriate level in breaks between operating periods. If the customer installs the THE Block by its own efforts, we recommend to use original certified equipment. Also an installation of appropriate THE block of other manufacturers is technically feasible.  Please note that the THE aggregate capacity for safe operation may not exceed the capacity as recommended by the manufacturer.

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